Store Manager Permanent - Taizhou

Job details

  • City : Taizhou
  • Function : Retail/Buyer
  • Sector : Retail
  • Reference : 29228

Job description

总经理全面负责通过经理团队增加收入,控制成本,领导授权团队,培养人才,提供优质的服务并交付所有法律法规要求。总经理的作用是不断寻求创建优质商机和工作方式。The General Manager is fully accountable for; driving revenue, controlling costs, leading an empowered team, developing talent, providing legendary service and deliver to all legal compliance requirements through their team of Managers. The General Managers role is to constantly look for new opportunities and ways of working that will create a better business

商务和财政Business and Financial :
优化销售,在品牌范围内做出可控贡献。 Optimises sales and controllable contribution within the store.
负责全部盈亏责任。Full P&L accountability.
 认识,创造和管理用于提高KPI结果的店铺商业计划的执行,以最大化商机。Identifies, creates and manages the execution of store business plan that drives KPI results, and that maximises business opportunities
 使用主要商业报告和工资工具评估并解释店铺销售和每日工资目标Evaluates and interprets store sales and payroll goals daily using key business reports and payroll tools
 独立判断和决定推动结果的业务发展计划。Exercises independent judgement and discretion to develop business plans that drive results
 负责可控成本。Accountable for controllable costs
 管理店铺的所有可控花费(如物料供应,维修,装修,电话等)Manages all controllable expenses of store (i.e. store supply, maintenance, fixtures, phone, etc.)
 传达收缩结果Deliver to shrink result
 监督员工间的有序竞争,以达到提拔有发展方向和有潜力的员工。Monitors competition to identify promotions, trends, and potential employees
 实现预算销售,符合年度预算。Achieve budgeted sales in line with annual budget.
 达到或超出的预算开支在其他所有可控的成本线内。Achieves or betters budgeted expenditure in all other controllable cost lines.
 达到中国区的预算工资。Achieves budgeted payroll of China field.

顾客和市场Customer and Market:
确保店铺提供最佳顾客服务。Ensures that the store is delivering the best possible customer experience.
 通过领导出色的内部和外部客户体验体现品牌忠诚。Drives brand loyalty by leading outstanding internal and external customer experience
 领导店铺团队提供最佳的顾客店铺体验:Leads store team to deliver the best customer store experience through:
 空间和设备的视觉执行和最佳商业用途Visual execution and optimal commercial use of both space and fixtures
 试衣间服务Fitting rooms service
 销售技巧Selling skills
 店铺楼层补给和生产力Shop floor replenishment and productivity
 顾客搭配/ 个人形象师Customer outfitting / Personal Stylists
 设置并嵌入品牌水准Sets and embeds Brand standards
 领导社区的参与度,以推动品牌意识和忠诚Leads community involvement to drive brand awareness and loyalty
 设置组织和店铺目标;提供对经理团队的领导和指导Sets organizational and store objectives; Provides leadership and direction to management team
 尊重所有内部和外部顾客,促进并采取必要措施来确保积极地工作环境。Treats all internal and external customers with respect, contributes to and takes action as needed to ensure positive work environment
 交易量相比去年增加。Increase on conversion to previous year.
 UPT相比去年增加。Increase on UPT to previous year.
 提高神秘顾客评价Improves mystery shop results.
 达到DVC总成绩Achieves overall score on DVC sign off.
 补货结果控制在可控范围内Replenishment results within agreed limits of acceptable levels

领导能力和员工Leadership and Employee :
Builds and develops a high performance team in the store.
 通过展示出引人注目的愿景和目标激励和激发他人。Inspire and motivate others by presenting a compelling vision and direction
 使用目的,价值和行为来作为一个过滤示范在所有内外部的顾客问题。Models and uses Purpose, Values and Behaviours as filter in all interval and external customer situations
 与团队成员合作,发展一个高绩效并致力创造以客户为中心文化的团队。Works through team members to develop a high performing team that creates a customer-centric culture
 为员工职业道路开发继任计划,积极促进主管和管理员工的成长和发展。Develops succession plans for employee career path and actively facilitates the growth and development of all supervisory and managerial employees
 为直接汇报创造发展,培训和表现提高计划。Creates development, training, and performance improvement plans for direct reports
 通过为所有店铺员工确保合适的业绩交流,发展,职业道路,承认并提供奖励,提供高层次的员工参与。Delivers high level of employee engagement throughout store by ensuring appropriate performance communication , development, career-paths, recognition and rewards for all store employees
 创建整体招聘计划和招聘简介以满足业务和店铺的具体要求。领导团队招聘,并批准最后招聘决定。Creates overall hiring plan and hiring profiles to meet specific needs of business and store; Leads team members in hiring efforts and approves final hiring decisions
 雇佣,培训,发展并评估店铺领导团队,并即时提供培训,反馈和认可。Hires, trains, develops and assesses the store leadership team, and provides in the moment coaching., feedback and recognition
 领导管理团队,并直接与所有管理人员和主管合作,以开发他们的领导能力和管理技能。Leads management team and works directly with all managerial and supervisory employees to develop their leadership and managerial skills
 领导团队成员提供表现纪律;批准最终决定。Leads team members in delivering performance discipline; approves final termination decisions
 作为区域领导的沟通者促进和层叠店铺沟通Facilitates and cascades communication across the store organization and acts as liaison to field leadership
 代表并监督适当的职责行为Delegates and oversees execution of responsibilities as appropriate
 员工和经理流动率。Employee and Management turnover stats
 审查IDP和利益相关者。IDP and stakeholder reviews
 在店铺积极表现能力Positive competency movement in the store
 内部招聘 vs 外部招聘Internal vs external hires
 提供内部晋升的数目Number of internal promotions
 在店铺表现适合的积极管理。Active performance management in place in the store
 反馈离职面谈Exit interview feedback
 为地区小组设置清晰的职业生涯规划。Clear career path plans for store management team

Required knowledge, skills & abilities:
 丰富的领导和交流技巧。Proven leadership and communication skills
 在店铺系统,政策,程序上有经验。Expert in store systems , policy and procedures
 必须具备优秀的口头和书面交流技巧,并有能力影响所有层面的管理人员和员工。Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to influence all levels of management and staff
 能够分析财务数据以得出结论。Ability to analyze financial data to drive results
 强大的问题解决,组织,时间管理和沟通技巧。Strong problem-solving , organizational, time management and communication skills
 必须有独立工作的能力和及时作出有效决策的紧迫感。Must have high sense of urgency with demonstrated ability to work independently and to make effective decisions in a timely manner
 能够独立做出商业和员工相关判断Ability to exercise independent judgement to make business and employee-related decisions
 能够委托和决定任务和责任的优先次序。Ability to delegate and prioritize tasks and responsibilities
 有效分配时间,处理多重需求和抉择优先事项。Allocates time effectively, handles multiple demands and competing priorities
Experience required:
 有作为店铺经理的管理执行经验。Demonstrated management skills as Store Manager
 丰富的人员发展追踪记录,人力资源规划,时间管理和优秀的领导能力素质。Proven track record in people development, manpower planning time management and strong leadership qualities
Schedule Requirement
 能够根据工作要求适应弹性工作时间,工作时间可能包括周末和夜班。也可能需要通宵工作。Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business, will require weekends and evening shifts. Overnights may be required

Desired profile