Product Manager Permanent - Shanghai

Job details

  • City : Shanghai
  • Function : Marketing
  • Sector : Consumer Goods
  • Reference : 28612

Job description

Identify insights– Be always curious and eager to explore new things: experience with consumers, observation in restaurant, interact with distributors, keep competitors movement tracked, work with sales, talk to flavor house etc, get dots together and explore real insights under the water

Down to earth exploration from agriculture to supply chain: work closely with agriculture, plant and supply chain understand the critical elements that impacting on cost in order to maximize the new product price value.

Translate insights to relevant products– Combine insights from external and understanding of strength internally to come out of new product ideas that fulfil our portfolio gaps and drive competitive advantage to block competitors’ copycat, including trade mark and patent application

Rigid project management – Closely work with cross functional team to get ideas through the stage-gate process, including a motivation kick off meeting, a solid business case to pass gate approval, regular project team meeting to keep project forwards, raising red flag to management team when project is stagnant, turn around project in the shortest time frame

NPD launch material – Clear sales proposition and target sales channel with consumer and operator insights supported, reflecting via key visual design, work with trade marketing on launch campaign, participate NPD demo / conference to drive awareness and trial, post launch tracking within 6 months to have a good wrap up and hand over

Desired profile