Software Engineer SRE Permanent - Shanghai

Job details

  • City : Shanghai
  • Function : IT (Information Tech)
  • Sector : Internet
  • Reference : 28189

Job description

As a Software Engineer (SRE), you will be the technical expert at the unique intersection of user-focused products and highly advanced infrastructure that support the engineering team in China. You will focus on increasing the availability and reliability of products. At the same time, it is important to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of launching products in China. Your main users are the millions of mobile and internet savvy Chinese users who seek the ultimate and satisfying entertainment experience. This is your guiding north star.

You are expected to:

  • Drive improvement around reliability, availability and delivery of products and services,

  • Create and engineer systems and processes that minimize operational roadblocks,

  • Lead and implement best practices for effective issues resolution,

  • Build an in-depth architectural and operational understanding of products, services and technologies the China engineering team deploys,

  • Actively minimize and resolve risks around deployments and configurations across all stages of product and services development and deployment, and

  • Cross-functionally collaborate with teams to ensure the best engineering products and software services are built and deployed effectively and efficiently.

A reliable and efficient Software Engineer SRE like yourself should have:

  • Relevant work experience in a fast-growing, user-focused, data driven environment, mission critical production environment, backed up by a strong industry understanding and knowledge,

  • Demonstrated expertise in solving complex technical problems and innovation,

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in software engineering & SRE principles to large-scale distributed systems with solid expertise in technical software engineering, Linux system and up to L7 networking,

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin Chinese, and

  • Strong personality: quick in decision-making, outgoing, positive, emphatic, a listener and collaborative

For more information or a confidential discussion, do reach out to William Huang @ william.huang@fytecn.com.

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