Flagship Store GM Permanent - Shanghai

Job details

  • City : Shanghai
  • Function : Business Management
  • Sector : Apparel & Fashion
  • Reference : 27696

Job description

Job Purpose:
The General Manager is fully accountable for; driving revenue, controlling costs, leading an empowered team, developing talent, providing legendary service and deliver to all legal compliance requirements through their team of Managers.
The General Managers role is to constantly look for new opportunities and ways of working that will create a better business.

Required knowledge, skills & abilities:

  • 丰富的领导和交流技巧。Proven leadership and communication skills

  • 在店铺系统,政策,程序上有经验。Expert in store systems , policy and procedures

  • 必须具备优秀的口头和书面交流技巧,并有能力影响所有层面的管理人员和员工。Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to influence all levels of management and staff

  • 能够分析财务数据以得出结论。Ability to analyze financial data to drive results

  • 强大的问题解决,组织,时间管理和沟通技巧。Strong problem-solving , organizational, time management and communication skills

  • 必须有独立工作的能力和及时作出有效决策的紧迫感。Must have high sense of urgency with demonstrated ability to work independently and to make effective decisions in a timely manner

  • 能够独立做出商业和员工相关判断Ability to exercise independent judgement to make business and employee-related decisions

  • 能够委托和决定任务和责任的优先次序。Ability to delegate and prioritize tasks and responsibilities

  • 有效分配时间,处理多重需求和抉择优先事项。Allocates time effectively, handles multiple demands and competing priorities

Experience required:

  • 有作为店铺经理的管理执行经验。Demonstrated management skills as Store Manager

  • 丰富的人员发展追踪记录,人力资源规划,时间管理和优秀的领导能力素质。Proven track record in people development, manpower planning time management and strong leadership qualities

Schedule Requirement

  • 能够根据工作要求适应弹性工作时间,工作时间可能包括周末和夜班。也可能需要通宵工作。Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business, will require weekends and evening shifts. Overnights may be required

Desired profile