Supervisor Permanent - Shanghai

Job details

  • City : Shanghai
  • Function : Retail/Buyer
  • Sector : Apparel & Fashion
  • Reference : 27691

Job description

设定高标准的个人和团队产量。 Sets a high standard of personal productivity and encourages team to do the same
实施行动计划,以提高 KPI 来最大化商机。Implements action plans to improve KPI’ s to maximise business opportunities
审查并调整员工时间表,以确保适当的楼层覆盖率来完成所有的工 作量和销售最大化。Reviews and adjusts employee schedules to ensure appropriate floor coverage to complete all workload and to maximise sales
和领导团队合作实现短缺行动计划,以最小化损失,达到收缩目 标。Implements shortage action plan in partnership with the leadership team to minimize loss and achieve shrinkage goal
准备并分析 LOD 跟踪表来优化繁忙时段的商机。Prepares and analyzes LOD tracking sheets to optimize peak hour opportunities  作为 LOD 沟通并管理楼层覆盖率 Communicates and manages floor coverage as LOD

Desired profile